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ArticleName A new vibrational transportation device for moving loads along a fixed guide support rail
DOI 10.17580/or.2022.03.09
ArticleAuthor Lishansky G. Ya., Filer Z. E.

Science & Technology Group LLS (USA):
Lishansky G. Ya., Vice President, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Filer Z. E., Adviser, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor,


This article discusses a vibration device used to transport bodies along a fixed guide support rail. The support rail may have an arbitrary shape and any spatial orientation. In particular, it may be represented by a vertical beam used for lifting loads. The load to be transported (lifted) and the vibrator are fixed on a platform, which is mounted on the support rail with a certain gap. The design enables lifting or lowering of a loaded platform at an adjustable average speed. The platform may be stopped at predetermined time intervals. The article provides a calculation describing the vertical motion of a loaded platform and the dependence between its characteristics and parameters. The resulting solution represents a valuable addition to the known vibrational transportation (vibrational lifting) machines and has competitive advantages in certain special applications. In the mining industry, this device may be used for the cost-effective delivery of ore material samples, as well as in emergency rescue or other operations. Precise positioning in the construction industry, laser industry, microscopy and other industries is another promising application and may be performed by setting the number of high-frequency vibration cycles, each corresponding to minor displacements. The device may be used to create a mobile machine for servicing rocket launch pads or delivering high-altitude crane operators to their workplaces and for use in the design of amusement rides. Its mathematical modeling will be improved with further research.
The authors would like to dedicate their work to the good memory of their teacher and friend Professor I. I. Blekhman.

keywords Vibration, vibrational transportation, vibration hoist, load transportation, design, applications

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