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Coating application and Corrosion protection
ArticleName Influence of rolling on the properties of protective coatings obtained by the low-temperature gas-dynamic method
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.01.07
ArticleAuthor S. V. Dobrovolsky, Yu. I. Glukhovskaya, A. S. Myakochin, I. V. Podporin

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia:

S. V. Dobrovolsky, Cand. Eng., Associate Professor, Dept. of Rocket and Space Systems Operation Management, e-mail:
Yu. I. Glukhovskaya, Assistant, Dept. "HR Management"
A. S. Myakochin, Dr. Eng., Professor, Head of the Dept. of Aerospace Heat Engineering
I. V. Podporin, Cand. Eng., Leading Engineer, Dept. of Aerospace Heat Engineering


The method of obtaining anticorrosive protective coatings by a low-temperature gas-dynamic method from a powder material is a promising area of research for use in various areas of the national economy, including for restoring equipment that has used up its service life. The paper describes the deformation of a material particle upon impact with a substrate during the interaction of a heterogeneous flow with the substrate during the formation of a coating. Upon impact, the particle penetrates into the substrate, the process of deformation of the particle is accompanied by its compression and spreading over the surface. Then the defining mechanical process is the process of spreading, as a result, the formation of pores and discontinuities in the coating. In this paper, we study stainless steel coatings obtained on a sheet of cold-rolled steel 20 by a lowtemperature gas-dynamic method. The appearance of several types of corrosion occurring in the formed coating due to the presence of pores due to the use of powder materials is shown; the influence of the choice of powder material for coating on the protective properties of the resulting coating, a theoretical and practical study of the use of an additional cold pressing operation after coating formation to improve its protective and anticorrosive properties is presented, and own data on the effect of the cold pressing operation after coating formation on the porosity and corrosion properties of the coating obtained from stainless steel powder are presented. Thus, the paper substantiates a method for correcting the properties of protective coatings obtained by the low-temperature gas-dynamic method, using an additional cold rolling operation.

keywords High-speed heterogeneous flows, protective coatings, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, low-temperature gas-dynamic method, metal powder, surface roughness

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