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ArticleName On some aspects of increasing the target productivity of unmanned mine dump trucks
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.02.15
ArticleAuthor Sizemov D. N., Temkin I. O., Deryabin S. A., Vladimirov D. Ya.

VIST Group LLC, Moscow, Russia:

Sizemov D. N., Technical Advisor to CEO, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia:
Temkin I. O., Head of Department of Automated Control Systems, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Deryabin S. A., Head of Laboratory at the Department of Automated Control Systems


Zyfra Group, Moscow, Russia:
Vladimirov D. Ya., Deputy General Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


This article considers one of the approaches to solving the problem of improving the efficiency of the functioning of unmanned open pit transport. The actual data on the movements of robotic dump trucks within the framework of a continuous transport and technological cycle at one of mining sites of a coal mine are analyzed. During the study, the movement times in the loaded and empty states are recorded. In addition, the time of passing by dump trucks of individual sections of the transport route is monitored, in order to empirically determine the speed reserves for each robot. As a result, several options have been obtained to increase the target performance of an autonomous dump truck by changing the speed modes of movement in certain sections. One of the variants is presented in the paper as an illustrative example. The paper also briefly discusses possible approaches to formalizing the procedure for determining the optimal driving modes of robotic dump trucks, depending on the terrain and features of the route as well as the roadbed condition.

The work has been implemented by support of the Russian Science Foundation grant; project No.19-17-00184.

keywords Robotic dump truck, digital transformation, optimization models, open-pit mining, Industry 4.0, quarry, route segments, unmanned mining transport systems, robot target productivity, autonomous haulage systems

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