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ArticleName Nonimpact rock pressure regulation with energy recovery into the hydraulic system of the longwall powered support
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.02.12
ArticleAuthor Gabov V. V., Zadkov D. A., Babyr N. V., Fangwei Xie

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Russia:

Gabov V. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Zadkov D. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Babyr N. V., Assistant, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences


Jiangsu University, School of Mechanical Engineering, China:

Fangwei Xie, Professor, Ph.D.


The paper considers the advisability of continuous nonimpact regulation of powered support unit hydraulic props resistance to roof rock subsidence. It also examined the advisability of increasing the adaptability of the powered support within advanced high-powered mechanized longwall face complexes to mining-geological conditions that change as the blocks are extracted. A four-level characteristic with nonimpact regulation is proposed instead of a typical three-level operating characteristic of the support unit hydraulic prop with impact regulation of its resistance to roof rock subsidence. Such operation modes of hydraulic props with the power fluid displacement into the power support pressure pipe can be provided by a nonimpact resistance control unit. The paper presents the structure, connection diagram, and embodiment of the control unit. The production and in-mine testing of the MKYU 2SH13/27 powered support unit hydraulic prop equipped with a prototype control unit were carried out on OOO Zavod Krasny Oktyabr loading test bench and in the A. D. Ruban mine of AO SUEK-Kuzbass. The testing data is presented in the paper. The possibility of rock pressure energy recovery into the hydraulic system of the longwall power support has been proved.

keywords Coal, underground mining, working face, support unit, hydraulic prop, rock pressure, nonimpact regulation, pressure multiplier

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