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ArticleName Comparative technological evaluation of schemes for the enrichment of oxidized ferruginous quartzites
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.02.09
ArticleAuthor Gzogyan T. N., Gzogyan S. R., Grishkina E. V.

Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia:

Gzogyan T. N., Head of Laboratory,
Gzogyan S. R., Senior Researcher
Grishkina E. V., Researcher


A set of studies on the comparative evaluation of the technological properties of oxidized quartzites of the Starooskolsky ore district of the KMA was carried out. The relative pulverizability of oxidized quartzites during the first stage of grinding to a fineness of 50% of the minus 0.045 mm class relative to non-oxidized ones of current production was established, which was 1.06–1.08 d. units. The comparative assessment of the enrichability was carried out according to three technological schemes: flotation → magneto-flotation → magnetic. The efficiency of enrichment of oxidized quartzites according to Hancock-Luiken, taking into account the fact that the initial ore contains several valuable components (martite, hematite, magnetite), is determined by the magnetic scheme as effective (n = 63.12%), by the magnetic flotation scheme as effective (n = 1.27%), by the flotation scheme as almost effective (n = 46.63%). According to the magnetic scheme of enrichment in a low - and high-intensity magnetic field, a concentrate with a maximum mass fraction of iron of 60.79% was obtained.

keywords Oxidized ferruginous quartzites, martite, hematite, magnetite, technological properties (enrichability, pulverizability), low-intensity magnetic separation, high-intensity magnetic separation, flotation, concentrate, tailings

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Full content Comparative technological evaluation of schemes for the enrichment of oxidized ferruginous quartzites