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ArticleName Assessing the zones of tectonic fault influence on dynamic rock pressure manifestation at Khibiny deposits of apatite-nepheline ores
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.02.01
ArticleAuthor Shabarov A. N., Kuranov A. D., Kiselev V. A.

Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

Shabarov A. N., Director of Research Center of Geomechanics and Issues of Mining Industry, Doctor of Engineering
Kuranov A. D., Head of Laboratory, PhD in Engineering,
Kiselev V. A., Associate Professor of the Department of Mine-Surveying, PhD in Engineering


Assessing the zones of geologic features influence is a task of dynamic rock pressure manifestation prediction. Under rock pressure manifestations this paper understands rock bursts and micro rock bursts, namely, the coordinates of the recorded damage centers in mine workings and pillars the moment a rock burst or a micro rock burst was recorded. The paper determines the distances from the recorded dynamic rock pressure manifestation points in mine workings to tectonic faults in the rock mass of the Kukisvumchorr apatite-nepheline ore field on the Kola Peninsula. The methods of statistical analysis for the distance value frequency uniformity were used for data processing.

keywords Tectonic fault, rock burst, dynamic rock pressure manifestations, stability, underground mine, statistics, zone of influence, degree of influence

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