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ArticleName Analysis of operation features of sizing screen with parametric excitation
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.01.12
ArticleAuthor Bardovskiy A. D., Gorbatyuk S. M., Gerasimova A. A., Basyrov I. I.

College of Environmentally Sound Technologies and Engineering, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Bardovskiy A. D., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Gorbatyuk S. M., Head of Process Equipment Engineering Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Gerasimova A. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Basyrov I. I., Assistant at Process Equipment Engineering Department


The article presents the studies into the operation of a sizing screen with parametric excitation of the sifting surface. The nonlinear differential equation describes the motion of the sifting surface. Solution of this equation with regard to the factor of nonlinear elasticity determines the amplitude of steady-state lateral vibrations of the sieve. The probability of particle pass through the sieve mesh during vibration shear flow of particles along the sifting surface with continuous tossing is determined. The derived relations allow finding the required length of the sifting surface for sizing particles at the preset fidelity, as well as the time-variable mesh sizes with regard to tension and bending. The change in the sieve deformation versus the shift angle between the longitudinal and lateral vibrations is found. The value of relative deformation during parametric vibrations grows linearly with an increasing angle of phase shift between the longitudinal and lateral vibrations, and arrives at the maximum at the phase shift angle of π/2. The mathematical relations describing conditions of mesh emptying and removal of stuck grains are presented. The testing data on sizing of wet limestone aggregates 5 mm in size on the sieve with parametric excitation of the sifting surface are given. It is found that in the beginning of sizing, the sifting surface is chocked at the test points with limiting size grains due to insufficient displacement of opposite mesh walls. Later on, the open space of the screen is stabilized. Efficiency of self-cleaning of the sifting surface is estimated in terms of the screening surface loss versus operation conditions and time of screening.

keywords Sizing screen, parametric excitation, sieve vibration amplitude, process, probability, sieve length, mesh sizes, sieve self-cleaning

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Full content Analysis of operation features of sizing screen with parametric excitation