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ArticleName Geomechanical substantiation of the northeastern pit wall stability in Kurzhunkul mine
DOI 10.17580/em.2021.01.06
ArticleAuthor Shamganova L. S., Syedina S. A., Berdinova N. O.

Kunaev Institute of Mining, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

Shamganova L. S., Deputy Director of Science, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Syedina S. A., Researcher at Geomechanical Control Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Berdinova N. O., Researcher at Rock Pressure Laboratory


Kurzhunkul magnetite deposit is located in the Kostanai Region of Kazakhstan and is an open pit mining project of Sokolovsko–Sarbay Mining and Production Association (SSGPO) since 1983. The current depth of the open pit is 240 m (Level -28 m). It is expected that Kurzhunkul pit reaches the depth of 290 m. The deformation determinant in Kurzhunkul mine is its geological structure represented by complex faulting. Special care and attention should be paid to the northeastern pit wall which is a zone of large and closely spaced tectonic faults essentially extended along the strike and dip of the deposit, and depthward the pit. Unfavorable bedding conditions in combination with weak physical and mechanical properties of fracture fillers can induce movement of rock blocks during extraction of mineral reserves from the weak zone of the northeastern pit wall. This study offers the geomechanical substantiation of stability of NE Kurzhunkul pit wall which is most heavily intersected by tectonic faults and has low strength characteristics.

The study was carried out with grant financing in framework of Project No. AR08053358 Rock Mass Control Based on the Integrated Geomechanical Model toward Mining Safety.

keywords Open pit mine, tectonic faults, stability, physical and mechanical properties, stability factor

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Full content Geomechanical substantiation of the northeastern pit wall stability in Kurzhunkul mine