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ArticleName Risk of hydrothermal eruption in the course of development of high-grade geothermal groundwater reservoirs
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.02.12
ArticleAuthor Shulyupin A. N., Konstantinov A. V., Tereshkin A. A.

Institute of Mining, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences:

Shulyupin A. N., Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Konstantinov A. V., Post-Graduate Student
Tereshkin A. A., Post-Graduate Student


Under analysis is hydrothermal eruption as a hazardous geological phenomenon occurring in the course of development of highgrade geothermal hot water deposits. The review of the foreign literature reveals numerous events connected with this phenomenon, including catastrophes. In Russian literature, this phenomenon has never been an issue. This article addresses one of the hydrothermal eruption mechanisms associated with the pressure decline in a hydrothermal water reservoir in the course of development. The pressure drawdown leads to formation of steam caps at the top of which the pressure can grow and exceed the lithostatic pressure. This mechanism is accompanied by activation of natural springs. The hydrothermal eruption in Pauzhetskoe field of hot hydrothermal springs (Kamchatka) in 1986–1987 is described in the article. It is highlighted that activation of natural springs and expansion of the area of two-phase inflow in production wells in Pauzhetskoe field in recent years is the evidence of formation of suitable conditions for a hydrothermal eruption with the phase of a steam explosion. A hydrothermal eruption and a rock burst are similar in terms of premonitory symptoms characterizing stress state of surrounding rock mass. This similarity allows recommending the elaborated procedure-and-instrument package of rockburst hazard monitoring and prediction for monitoring and short-term prediction of hydrothermal eruptions. The authors prove it necessary to design and introduce a hydrothermal eruption monitoring and prediction system with a view to enhancing safety of development of high-grade geothermal water resources. Furthermore, it is suggested to turn to research aimed at technologies for prevention of the hazardous geothermal eruption phenomenon, considering specific features of a groundwater reservoir.

The study has been supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Project No. 16-17-00018.

keywords Hydrothermal eruption, steam and hydrothermal springs, development, geothermal reservoir, fluid, bubble-point pressure, steam cap, lithostatic pressure, explosion

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