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ArticleName Deep conversion and metal content of Russian coals
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.02.07
ArticleAuthor Bazhin V. Yu., Beloglazov I. I., Feshchenko R. Yu.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation:

Bazhin V. Yu., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Head of the Technology and Production Automation Chair,
Beloglazov I. I., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor at the Technology and Production Automation Chair
Feshchenko R. Yu., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Assistant at the Technology and Production Automation Chair


In today's fuel, energy and metallurgical complex coal is used as an energy source, as well as coke for steel products. During unstable economic situation, the coal becomes the main source of organic raw materials to many industries, especially in the reduction of production and reserves of oil and gas.Coal processing using an integrated approach opens up new opportunities for the coal industry, and new technologies require significant development, technical and economic assessment and broad implementation. In this paper, we discuss the problem with the deep coal processing of Russian industry, solid fuel gasification and producing of synthetic fuel. The article describes the features of the modern coke production, as well as problems of extraction of rare earth and noble metals from waste coal and coal products.Since the 60s the world of deep coal processing technology continues to evolve and improve. Plants of industrial processing of coal were built and successfully work in South Africa, New Zealand, USA, China. With regard to Russia, despite the huge reserves of coal, chemical processing technology has not yet received the same development as in industrialized countries, primarily because of the lack of proper project financing. The paper shows that there are all the technological and economic preconditions for improving the quality of extracted coal, including in the production and deep processing of low-grade and off-grade solid fuels for disposal of solid waste from coal mining and coal processing with simultaneous extraction of some metals. According to some experts, in the coming years, the demand for coal is significantly larger view and possibly coal will be the driving force of the world economy.In particular, European experts believe that the global electricity market is on the verge of transition from gas to coal as the preferred fuel for power plants.This trend is reflected in the Energy Strategy of Russia. Emphasis is placed on the need to harmonize the fuel and energy balance of the country through active development of the coal industry to ensure energy security of the country.

keywords Coal, ash,metal content, deep coal processing, benefication, coke, gasification, rare metals, synthetic fuels

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Full content Deep conversion and metal content of Russian coals