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ArticleName Energy-efficient technologies of intergated coal and mining waste development in the Moscow coal basin in the context of secure and sustainable supply of raw materials in Central Russia
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.02.04
ArticleAuthor Griazev M. V., Kachurin N. M., Spirin V. I.

Tula State University, Tula, Russian Federation:

Griazev M. V., Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences, Rector,
Kachurin N. M., Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences, Chief of a Chair


Company “TulNGP”, Tula, Russian Federation:
Spirin V. I., Doctor of Sciences, Executive Director


A conceptual framework is provided for high-technology and energy-efficient production of nanomaterials and rare earths toward import substitution and technological independence of machine engineering and other industries in the central region of Russia. It is shown that there are prerequisites for meeting this challenge based on innovative technologies of integrated development of coal deposits and mining waste in the territory of the Moscow Coal Basin. A solution to the problem is an integrated approach to study and development of geotechnologies for high-level processing of coal and production waste based on underground gasification of lignite via filtration channels and a chemical geotechnology for extraction of useful components from ash residue recovered from underground mined-out area. The proposed approach is intended to create a background for implementation of projects fostering regional safety enhancement, primarily, in the field of mineral mining and in technosphere, and, later on, in the socio-economic environment.

keywords Integrated coal mining, coal, mining and processing waste, underground coal gasification, energy efficiency nanomaterials, rare earths, Moscow Coal Basin, Tula Region

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Full content Energy-efficient technologies of intergated coal and mining waste development in the Moscow coal basin in the context of secure and sustainable supply of raw materials in Central Russia