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ArticleName Development of an innovative shneko-heat-sink boring shell for drilling of shurfo-wells in the conditions of a kriolitozona
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.01.05
ArticleAuthor Skryabin R. M., Timofeev N. G.

Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University:

Skryabin R. M., Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor. Department of Technology and Technics of Minerals Prospecting
Timofeev N. G., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Department of Technology and Technics of Minerals Prospecting,


The concept of productivity and safety while also cost reduction for the exploration of alluvial deposits of minerals (diamonds, gold, tin, etc.) in the Arctic zone of the North-East of the country with a powerful layer of permafrost are priority areas for geological exploration organizations. Currently in these areas, the exploration of alluvial deposits largely outdated and inefficient technology of drilling exploration holes by drilling and blasting method. Churn-drilling (CD) of large diameter boreholes is the main mechanized prospecting of placer deposits in permafrost. We should assume that this method of drilling has used up all its opportunities in improving technical and economic performance and it is characterized by low productivity and low sampling quality. The dispersion of the objects in large areas, seasonality of mining operations, low level of mechanization of heavy and labor-intensive processes, lack of provision of mining equipment and high cost of drilling works require the search for new methods and technical means for exploration of placer deposits. In this respect the use of the drilling method, the excavation of exploration pits is promising. Developed the worn auger core drilling string with large diameter for drilling boreholes in order to explore the alluvial deposits of minerals allows optimizing the process of construction of the boreholes. It provides interval sampling and increases the representativeness of the exploring object, it helps to obtain a great economic effect and ensure workers’ comfortable safety environment.

keywords Shurfo-well, drilling of wells, boring shell, screw, rock cutting tool, pointervalny sampling, kriolitozon, loose mestorzhdeniye, diamonds

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Full content Development of an innovative shneko-heat-sink boring shell for drilling of shurfo-wells in the conditions of a kriolitozona