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ArticleName Results of studies of shaft boring machine operation in vertical shaft construction at Upper Kama Potash Deposit
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.01.04
ArticleAuthor Zhabin A. B., Fomichev A. D., Naumov Ju. N., Solovyh D. Ja.

Tula, Tula State University:

Zhabin A. B., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Russia,

Skuratovo Experimental Plant ltd.:

Fomichev A. D., Engineer-Designer,

Naumov Ju. N., Candidate of Technical Sciences, The Chief of Design and Technological Department

CJSC “United Mining and Building Company”:

Solovyh D. Ja., Engineer-Designer,


Under evaluation is applicability of mechanized rock breakage in shaft sinking in aqueous strata of the Upper Kama Potash Deposit using shaft boring machine ASP-8.0. The article describes the function and operating principle of shaft boring machine ASP-8.0, its structural scheme and flow chart of mechanized breakage by milling cutter in vertical shaft sinking in Palashersky mine site. A feature of the milling cutter with the vertical axis of rotation is down-the-hole operation. Aiming to find and refine the laws of work load and capacity, as well as to evaluate parameters of the milling cutter of ASP-8.0, the full-scale field research into the operation of the machine in shaft boring has been performed. It is shown that the experimental data and the results of calculations using available procedures are in good correspondence. The article gives the calculation formulas for coefficients to account for contact area between the milling cutter and rock, as well as for torque and feed force of the milling cutter. The mathematical expressions are derived for the milling cutter rotary drive power, as well as for the technical and operating capacity of the milling cutter within the mechanized shaft boring machine set. Proved promising of the use of mechanized destruction method in sinking shafts in aquifers of Verkhnekamskoe potash ores on the basis of the unit ASP-8.0. The purpose and principle of operation of shaft deepening aggregate ASP-8.0 is represented as well as its design map and the scheme for mechanized destruction of slaughter by screw-milling executive device during shaft advance at Palachersk plot of potash ores. Peculiarities of work of the executive device in the exploitation of the slaughter are identified. Experimental studies of executive device work in the natural environment during the construction of the shaft are performed to establish and clarify the patterns of load and performance, as well as justification of its parameters. The comparison of experimental results with those ones obtained on the basis of existing calculation methods is shown. Represented the formulas for determining the coefficients, taking into account the influence of the arc of contact of the executive device with the massif; they specify the calculation of the torque on the cutter and the efforts of the filing of the executive device. The dependences of the required power of the drive rotation of the cutter, as well as technical and operational performance of the unit that is a part of the mechanized shaft deepening complex.

keywords Mine shaft, mechanized rock breakage, shaft boring machine set, milling cutter, down-the-hole mode, breakage energy intensity, milling cutter and rock contact arc, vertical transport of loose rock, technical capacity, operating capacity

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