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ArticleName The economic crisis in Russia and its impact on the global diamond business
DOI 10.17580/em.2016.01.03
ArticleAuthor Danilov Yu. G., Pakhomov A. A.

Institute for Regional Economics of the North at the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University:

Danilov Yu. G., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Director of the Information-Analytical Centre «Exspert»,


Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences:

Pakhomov A. A., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Yakut Scientific Center


Fundamental changes in the world diamond mining industry has touched the largest companies. Anglo American gained control of De Beers, and in October 2013 the company held an IPO of shares of OJSC "ALROSA". We can say that it is timely and carried out at a sufficiently high price, given the deepening economic crisis in the Russian economy. In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) diamond production in 2013 was engaged in 4 companies of the ALROSA group, which sold diamonds worth 4.7 billion dollars, which allowed us to maintain leadership in physical volume of mining group ALROSA reached in the period of overcoming the global economic crisis of 2008-2009, the world leader in terms of diamond mining. The share of the world's largest companies in diamond production in 2013 amounted to 73.8% in physical volume and 81.9% of the cost. Based on these proportions defined the world's diamond production, and using a three-factor chart analysis world almasoudi and evaluations of the condition of the segments of the diamond business forecast made further changes of segments of the global almasoudi on prospect before 2030. The world's diamonds will be 115–125 million carats per year, but due to the excess of demand over supply will continue to grow their value. Indicators lapidary industry and sales of jewelry diamonds will increase, but to a lesser extent, and the volume of diamond production in Russia, despite the crisis in the economy, should be preserved. The creation of diamond mines in Yakutia will allow in the future to obtain significant profits from the sale of rough diamonds and polished diamonds and jewelry with diamonds, but with trading operations with them.

keywords Diamond, diamond pipeline, brilliant, diagram, extraction, complex, industry, commerce, jewelry

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