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ArticleName Diamond Mining Complex of ALROSA Joint-Stock Company: Its Role and Place in the Global Diamond Business
ArticleAuthor A. O. Nichiporuk

A. O. Nichiporuk, President of AK “ALROSA”, Cand. Sci. (Econ.)

ArticleName ALROSA Company Is Leading Enterprise for Mining and Processing of Natural Diamonds
ArticleAuthor A. P. Morozkin

A. P. Morozkin, Vice-President of the Company

ArticleName State and Development of Mining Production at Enterprises of the Company
ArticleAuthor M. V. Ganchenko

M. V. Ganchenko, Chief Engineer of Company

ArticleName Aspects of the Economical Policy of the ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthor V. A. Potrubeyko

V. A. Potrubeyko, Vice-President of the Company

ArticleName External-Economic Activity of ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthor S. A. Ulin

S. A. Ulin, Vice-President of the Company, Cand. Sci. (History)

ArticleName High-Skilled Personnel Is Guarantee of Successful Development of ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthor I. K. Dem’yanov

I. K. Dem’yanov, Vice-President of the Company

ArticleName Mining Diamonds and Building Cities
ArticleAuthor A. T. Popov

A. T. Popov, Head of Administration of Mirninskiy Region Republic (Ya), Chairman of Regional Assembly

History of the diamond area
ArticleName History of Formation and Development of Diamond Mining Industry
ArticleAuthor U. M. Beskakotov

U. M. Beskakotov, Deputy Head of Office for Public Relations and Advertising of Company, Chief of Information Department

ArticleName Mirninsky Mining-And-Processing Integrated Works (GOK): Half a Century in Diamond Production
ArticleAuthor U. A. Doynikov

U. A. Doynikov, Director of Mirninsky GOK

ArticleName Aykhal’sky Mining and Processing Integrated Works (GOK): Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
ArticleAuthor S. F. Ponamorev

S. F. Ponamorev, Director of Aykhal’sky GOK

ArticleName For mation and Development of Udachninskiy GOK
ArticleAuthors Yu. A. Petrov, V. N. Filippov, A. N. Shmyrko

Yu. A. Petrov, Director, V. N. Filippov, Chief Engineer, A. N. Shmyrko, Deputy Director on Production, Udachninskiy GOK

ArticleName Anabarsky Mining-and-Processsing Integrated Works: Mining of Diamondiferous Placers in the Arctic Zone of Yakutia
ArticleAuthors A. V. Kozupeev, V. T. Kurnev, V. V. Kleymenov

A. V. Kozupeev, Director, V. T. Kurnev, Chief Engineer, V. V. Kleymenov, Deputy Director on Production, Anabarsky GOK

ArticleName Nyurbinsky Mining-and-Processing Integrated Works: Development of Nakynskoye Ore Field
ArticleAuthors S. G. Alayb’yev, D. P. Kirillin, S. A. Polkin

S. G. Alayb’yev, Director, D. P. Kirillin, Chief Engineer, S. A. Polkin, Deputy Director on Production, Nyurbinsky GOK

ArticleName Formation and Pros pects for Development of Lomonosovsky GOK
ArticleAuthors E. P. Valuyev, S. V. Solopov

E. P. Valuyev, First Vice-President, S. V. Solopov, Vice-President, Chief Engineer, “Severalmaz” jsc

ArticleName Katoka Project is Success of Russian Mining Processing Technologies in Diamond Mining Industry of Angola
ArticleAuthors Ganga Zhunior, S. A. Gerasimov, V. A. Larionov, V. N. Zinchenko, Zhoao Muangala, Tunga Felix

Ganga Zhunior, General Director, Cand. Sci. (Econ.), S. A. Gerasimov, Director on Production, V. A. Larionov, Chief Process Engineer, Deputy Director of Metallurgy Department, V. N. Zinchenko, Geology Program Coordinator, Cand. Sci. (Geolog.Mineral.), Zhoao Muangala, Chief of Mining Department, Tunga Felix, Chief of Geology Department, Katoka Ore Mining Company

ArticleName Scientific Developments of Alrosa Company Are the Basis of Growth of Production Potential and Economic Efficiency of Diamond Mining
ArticleAuthors V. T. Kalitin, A. T. Vedin

V. T. Kalitin, First Vice-President of the Company on Technical Policy; A. T. Vedin, Director of Yakutniproalmaz Institute, Cand. Sci. (Econ.)

Raw material base
ArticleName Exploration Complex of ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthors S. I. Mitykhin, M. I. Lelyukh, V. V. Bocharov

S. I. Mitykhin, Assistant of Executive Director, Chief Geologist of Company, Cand. Sci. (Geol. Mineral.); M. I. Lelyukh, Chief of Company Prospecting Department, Cand. Sci. (Geol. Mineral.); V. V. Bocharov, Chief of Company Operational Geology Department

Development of deposits
ArticleName State and Directions of Development of Under ground Diamond Mining in Western Yakutia
ArticleAuthors M. V. Ganchenko, A. P. Filatov, M. V. Kiselev

M. V. Ganchenko, Chief Engineer of the Company, A. P. Filatov, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Company on underground mining, Cand. Sci. (Techn.), M. V. Kiselev, Deputy Chief of the Company underground mining department

Mineral processing
ArticleName New Directions in Technology of Processing of Diamond-Bearing Raw Materials at Enterprises of ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthors A. F. Makhrachev, N. P. Larionov, V. B. Savitskiy

A. F. Makhrachev, Chief Processing Engineer of Company, N. P. Larionov, Chief of Complex Processing Department, V. B. Savitskiy, Chief of Laboratory of Ore Dressing and Main Methods of Processing, Yakutniproalmaz Institute

ArticleName X-Ray Luminescence (XRF) Separators of Burevestnik Scientific and Industrial Corporation, Hardware Base of the Russian Technology for Concentration of Diamond-Bearing Raw Materials
ArticleAuthors S. E. Avdeev, A. F. Makhrachev, L. V. Kazakov, A. I. Levitin, V. G. Morozov

S. E. Avdeev, Deputy Chief Engineer of Automation and Communication Company, A. F. Makhrachev, Main Dresser of Company; L. V. Kazakov, Department Manager, Cand. Sci. (Techn.), A. I. Levitin, Design Manager of Separators, Cand. Sci. (Techn.), V. G. Morozov, Deputy General Manager on Study, “NPP Burevestnik” jsc

Environment protection
ArticleName Environmental Protection at Enterprises of the ALROSA Company
ArticleAuthor V. P. Skryabin

V. P. Skryabin, Assistant Chief Engineer of the Company on Environmental Protection

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