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Chernye Metally

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
ArticleName Study of thermal time nature of non-metallic inclusions in order to improve metallurgical quality of high-strength tube steels
ArticleAuthors A. Kazakov, P. Kovalev, S. Ryaboshchuk, A. Mileikovsky, N. Malakhov
ArticleAuthorsData A. Kazakov, e-mail:
ArticleName Development of the methods for estimation of microstructural heterogeneity of tube steels
ArticleAuthors A. Kazakov, E. Kazakova, D. Kiselev, G. Motovilina
ArticleAuthorsData A. Kazakov, e-mail:
ArticleName Technique for estimation of segregation strip of sheet rolled metal
ArticleAuthors A. Kazakov, L. Chigintsev, E. Kazakova, S. Ryaboshchuk, S. Markov
ArticleAuthorsData A. Kazakov, e-mail:
ArticleName Development of the production and use of converter gas at Saarstahl AG
ArticleAuthor M. Marion
ArticleAuthorData M. Marion, e-mail:
ArticleName Measures to increase the operating life of the RH plant at ArcelorMittal Eisenhuttenstadt
ArticleAuthors B. Lychatz, A. Opitz, E. Braune
ArticleAuthorsData B. Lychatz, e-mail:
ArticleName State of the art in continuous casting technology
ArticleAuthors Th. Bolender, R. Fandrich, H.-A. Jungblut, G. Kemper, R. Muller, H. P. Narzt, G. Ney, H. Schnitzer
ArticleAuthorsData Th. Bolender, Verfahrenstechnik Stahlwerk, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH; R. Fandrich, Manager Stahlwerk und metallurgische Grundlagen; H.-A. Jungblut, Leiter übergreifende Prozesstechnik, AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke; G. Kemper, Vorsitzender des Fachausschusses Stranggiessen, Prozessleiter Brammenerzeugung, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH; R. Muller, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG; H. P. Narzt, voestalpine Stahl GmbH; G. Ney, Saarstahl AG; H. Schnitzer, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH; e-mail:
ArticleName Innovative process measuring techniques at continuous casting
ArticleAuthors T. Lamp, H. Kochner
ArticleAuthorsData T. Lamp, H. Kochner, (Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH); e-mail:
ArticleName Measuring on-line of oil film and roughness: quality assurance for colied strip
ArticleAuthors W. Bilstein, W. Enderle
ArticleAuthorsData W. Bilstein, W. Enderle, Amepa GmbH, e-mail:
ArticleName Methods and tendencies of analytical measurements in iron and steel industry
ArticleAuthor J. Meurs
ArticleAuthorData J. Meurs, WAS Worldwide Analytical Systems AG, e-mail:
ArticleName Innovative measuring systems for steel production
ArticleAuthor L. Winterhalder
ArticleAuthorData L. Winterhalder, BFI Befriebs-technik GmbH, e-mail:
ArticleName Automatized identification control of billets made of special steels in production process
ArticleAuthors Ch. Gehlen, J. Makowe, R. Noll
ArticleAuthorsData Ch. Gehlen, Laser Analytical Systems & Automation GmbH; J. Makowe, R. Noll, e-mail:
ArticleName Laser measuring of flatness in Profit Center Grobblech of ThyssenKrupp Steel
ArticleAuthors M. Krauhausen, W. Weber, O. Ehrich
ArticleAuthorsData M. Krauhausen, Nokra Optische Prüftechnik und Automation GmbH; O. Ehrich, Profit Center Grobblech, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG; e-mail:
ArticleName The new concept of clamping claw for extra wide sheet processing
ArticleAuthors G. Bronsema, M. Jarchow
ArticleAuthorsData G. Bronsema, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG; M. Jarchow, Dyna-Mess Prüf-systeme GmbH; e-mail:
ArticleName Modern project design and optimization of hydraulic drive systems in metallurgical installations
ArticleAuthors T. Wittkopp, P. Antoszkiewicz, G. Kirsch, A. Trautner
ArticleAuthorsData T. Wittkopp, e-mail:
ArticleName Sources of a new growth
ArticleName Testing of materials in extremal conditions
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
ArticleName Steel writes history
ArticleAuthor A. Schwartz.
ArticleName The mystery of the iron column in New Delhi
ArticleAuthor Yu. Gurevich
ArticleAuthorData Yu. Gurevich, e-mail:
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