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Chernye Metally

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
ArticleName Conferences and exhibitions
ArticleName New anti-friction materials for sealing-in of bearings in rolling mills
ArticleAuthors I. A. Toder, A. N. Kurovich
ArticleAuthorsData I. A. Toder, A. N. Kurovich;
ArticleName Production and usage of 75G13L high-manganese steel for manufacture of components for mining and mining-concentrating equipment
ArticleAuthor N. G. Davydov
ArticleAuthorData N. G. Davydov;
ArticleName On the work pretending for 2009 Premium of the Government of Russian Federation in the field of science and technics
ArticleName Service life prolongation at coke oven plants in Germany
ArticleAuthors G. Dombrowski, H.-W. Jager, H. B. Lüngen, M. Masuth, L. Nelles, J. Spitz
ArticleAuthorsData G. Dombrowski, Salzgitter/Flachstahl GmbH; H.-W. Jager, ZKS Zentralkokerei Saar GmbH; H. B. Lüngen, VDEh; M. Masuth, RAG Aktiengesellschaft; L. Nelles, Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH; J. Spitz, KBS Kokereibetriebsgesellschaft Schweigern GmbH;
ArticleName Performance of modern zinc-magnesium hot dip metal coatings
ArticleAuthors W. Warnecke, G. Angeli, T. Koll, E. Nabbefeld-Arnold
ArticleAuthorsData W. Warnecke, Dortmunder OberflächenCentrum; G. Angeli, voestalpine Stahl GmbH; T. Koll, Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH; E. Nabbefeld-Arnold, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG;
ArticleName Forging manipulators with mass distribution: productivity rise and economy
ArticleAuthor W. Nowitzki
ArticleAuthorData W. Nowitzki, Glama Maschinenbau GmbH;
ArticleName Innovations for customers
ArticleAuthor S. Kämpfer.
ArticleName Research for the material steel
ArticleAuthors F.-J. Floßdorf, R. Steffen, H.-J. Wieland
ArticleAuthorsData F.-J. Floßdorf, VDEh, FOSTA — Forschungs-vereinigung Stahlanwendung e.V.; R. Steffen, VDEh; H.-J. Wieland, VDEh, FOSTA
ArticleName Outlook inside metal
ArticleAuthor Possibility to adjust laser capacity during welding
ArticleName Development prospects during the crisis; state of the iron and steel industry
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff
ArticleAuthorData H. J. Kerkhoff, VDEh;
ArticleName Unanimous approval of company’s reorganization
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName A Steel Academy: without opened questions
ArticleAuthor P. Schmieding
ArticleAuthorData P. Schmieding,;
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
ArticleName Establisher of mechanical and technical research laboratories
ArticleAuthor W. Piersig
ArticleName Chronicle of Siegener AG since 1880 till 1980
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2009 →  #11