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ArticleName Steel industry of the world
ArticleName Improvement of the process of modifying high strength iron
ArticleAuthors V. A. Korovin, I. O. Leushin, V. A. Gerotsky.
ArticleName Increase of wear resistance of steel components via transformation of alloy surface layers in white iron
ArticleAuthors Yu. G. Gurevich, V. V. Marfitsyn.
ArticleAuthorsData Yu. G. Gurevich, e-mail:
ArticleName Study of possibilities of improvement of 10G2FB steel properties due to realization of the rolling technology for TRIP steels
ArticleAuthors N. G. Kolbasnikov, O. G. Zotov, V. V. Mishin, A. A. Nemtinov, A. V. Golovanov, S. V. Sosin.
ArticleAuthorsData N. G. Kolbasnikov, O. G. Zotov, V. V. Mishin, A. A. Nemtinov, A. V. Golovanov, S. V. Sosin.; e-mail:
ArticleName Acoustic gas temperature measurements at the blast furnace top
ArticleAuthors H.-P. Domels, M. Deuster, F. Reinitzhuber.
ArticleAuthorsData H.-P. Domels, e-mail: hans-peter.domels@
ArticleName The 300-t "Jumbo-size" EAF at MMK Iskenderun mini-mill
ArticleAuthors R. Sellan, M. Fabbro.
ArticleAuthorsData R. Sellan, e-mail:
ArticleName Severstal Columbus: the new complex for steel production in the USA
ArticleAuthors S. Krämer, C. Klein, J. Müller.
ArticleAuthorsData S. Krämer, e-mail:
ArticleName Improved metallurgical processes through modern simulation technique
ArticleAuthors H.-J. Odenthal, C.-H. Rehroth, M. Sommerfeld, A. Ludwig, E. Baake, A. Thess.
ArticleAuthorsData H.-J. Odenthal, e-mail:
ArticleName High technological steel grades on the monitor screen
ArticleAuthor R. Müller-Wondorf.
ArticleName Origination of the black holes is proved
ArticleName Steel for power winding facilities
ArticleName ArcelorMittal Hamburg: even large orders are executed in time
ArticleAuthor Ch. Gaβbel. P. Förster.
ArticleAuthorData P. Förster, e-mail:
ArticleName The front counter-roll protective beam for lorries as protection for passenger cars
ArticleName Innovations for automobiles of the future
ArticleName Premium for leaving old auto for recycling
ArticleName Intellectual production technologies
ArticleName To choose correctly the engineering specialt
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
ArticleName Metal forming: on the way to finished product
ArticleAuthor A. Schwartz.
ArticleName Technical revolution in metallurgy in the end of XVIII — beginning of XIX centuries
ArticleAuthor Yu. G. Gurevich.
ArticleAuthorData Yu. G. Gurevich, e-mail:
ArticleName Up-to-date laser speed sensors
ArticleAuthors R. L. Rizziatti, A. Glurman.
ArticleAuthorsData R. L. Rizziatti, A. Glurman, e-mail:
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2009 →  #7