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Chernye Metally

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
ArticleName Phosphorus distribution between the phases in smelting of hot metal and ferromanganese in a blast furnace
ArticleAuthors L. A. Polylyakh, V. Ya. Dashevsky, A. Ya. Travyanov, Yu. S. Yusfin, A. L. Petelin.
ArticleName Formation of cyanides in blast furnace processes
ArticleAuthors A. L. Petelin, Yu. S. Yusfin, A. Ya. Travyanov.
ArticleName Thermographic temperature control at steel continuous casting units
ArticleAuthors V. Ostheimer, Ch. Schiewe.
ArticleAuthorsData V. Ostheimer, Ch. Schiewe;
ArticleName New tool for inclusion and segregation characterization in slabs and rolled products
ArticleAuthors A. Pissenberger, S. Ilie, M. Mayr, M. Schuller.
ArticleAuthorsData A. Pissenberger,
ArticleName Solutions in the field of automation for slide ladle gate
ArticleAuthors B. Steiner, U. Truttmann.
ArticleAuthorsData B. Steiner,
ArticleName Roller hearth furnace for thin slab casting
ArticleAuthors M. Springer, V. Finke, H. Kern.
ArticleAuthorsData Roller hearth furnace for thin slab casting
ArticleName Advanced control system for a form-fit-bending unit
ArticleAuthors J. Polzer, A. Wolff, F. Gorgels, G. Mücke, A. Heβler.
ArticleAuthorsData J. Polzer,
ArticleName Automatic defectoscopy of bar billets
ArticleAuthor Th. Beck.
ArticleAuthorData Th. Beck,
ArticleName Operation of a surface quality control system in the pickling line
ArticleAuthor M. Nur Ismail.
ArticleAuthorData M. Nur Ismail,
ArticleName Resource efficiency in the steel industry in Germany — status 2008. Usage of accompanying products and steel applications
ArticleAuthors W. Bender, R. Klima, H. B. Lüngen, C.-D. Wuppermann.
ArticleAuthorsData H. B. Lüngen,
ArticleName Efficiency for the future
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff.
ArticleName Iron and steel companies in Germany and Europe meet the crisis well-armed
ArticleAuthor G. Krause.
ArticleName Problems of iron and steel industry and approaches of JFE Steel
ArticleAuthor H. Bada.
ArticleName Maximal satisfying of the global market requirements
ArticleAuthor R. Pfeiffer.
ArticleName Difficulties in getting permission for operating technological plants
ArticleAuthor U. Schamari.
ArticleName Efficient risk management: business protection
ArticleAuthor A. Schwartz.
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
ArticleName Three ages of specialized technical literature (part 2)
ArticleAuthor W. Weber.
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2009 →  #5