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Chernye Metally

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
ArticleName Equipment for crosswedge rolling of piece blank and rod workpieces on the base of the roll CWR mill 80×450
ArticleAuthors V. I. Kotenok, V. E. Medvedev.
ArticleName The technique for calculation of internal stresses in heating the body with variable chemical composition
ArticleAuthors I. I. Rozhkov, V. A. Vasil’yev.
ArticleAuthorsData I. I. Rozhkov, V. A. Vasil’yev, e-mail:
ArticleName 1st international scientific-practical conference «Intechmet-2008»
ArticleName Scientific-practical seminar «Improvement of the technology and efficiency rise in casting production»
ArticleName Ultra-high chemical power electric arc furnace for 320 t/h
ArticleAuthors R. Gottardi, S. Miani, A. Partyka, B. Engin.
ArticleAuthorsData S. Miani, e-mail:
ArticleName Cooling technologies for high-strength plate production
ArticleAuthors D. Schmidt, R. Dehmel, G. Horn.
ArticleAuthorsData D. Schmidt, e-mail:
ArticleName Use of electric permanent magnet technology for loading and unloading ships
ArticleAuthors M. Redeker, B. Decker, B. Baikow, D. Langenfurth.
ArticleAuthorsData B. Decker, e-mail:
ArticleName Efficient heating system: decrease of expenses and emission
ArticleAuthors N. Cavero, K. Nolte, H. Stumpp.
ArticleName Increase of energy efficiency of reheating furnaces in forging mills
ArticleAuthors M. Marion, R.-P. Hirz, F. Grote, S. Weber, G. Winning, W. Adler, W. Bender.
ArticleAuthorsData A compact tube regenerator-burner-system ROREBS and flat flame burner for regenerative heat recovery are presented, results of operational testing are shown. Savings in primary energy of appr. 30 % have been achieved by these different measures.
ArticleName High-strength stainless steels for automotive applications
ArticleAuthors G. Weiß, S. Schuberth, E. Ratte.
ArticleAuthorsData G. Weiß, e-mail:
ArticleName Joint activity of steel producers and automotive companies
ArticleAuthor U. Schamari.
ArticleName Innovative hot-stamped laser welded blank solutions
ArticleAuthors A. Pic, D. Duque Múnera, L. Cretteur, F. Schmidt, F. Pinard.
ArticleName Steel opening cover for a cabriolet
ArticleName Benefits of RFID for slabs and coil logistics
ArticleAuthors L. Feinbier, L. Schittko.
ArticleAuthorsData L. Feinbier, e-mail:
ArticleName When the bank gives no money
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Teachers appeal for introduction of technical subjects
ArticleName Let technics make schoolgirls glad
ArticleName A new model for financing of high schools
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
ArticleName Ironmaking before the age of blast furnaces
ArticleAuthor M. Overbeck.
ArticleName Railroad towards industrial civilization
ArticleAuthors M. A. Kamenetsky, P. I. Chernousov.
ArticleName Problems and ways of development of hardware production in Russia
ArticleAuthors V. S. Erofeev, R. B. Feiginov.
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2009 →  #1